Jersey Story – Rajasthan Royals

Jersey Story

The pink and blue colours of the Rajasthan Royals jersey has got a new look for this season. The 2021 official Royals matchday jersey is more than just that. It is a tribute to the work the Royal Rajasthan Foundation (RRF), the franchise’s philanthropic arm, is doing along with the empowered women of Rajasthan. Here’s what the four design elements on the jersey signify:

A Foundation For The Future

Water scarcity is a critical issue that Rajasthan faces with women trudging several kilometres a day for water for their daily needs. This limits their ability to engage in productive tasks and lowers their overall quality of life. With the aim to alleviate this drudgery faced by women in Rajasthan, the RRF has partnered with Gram Chetna Kendra to carry out the plantation of the Khejri trees to increase the water table and aid in water conservation. Over the duration of this program, RRF plans to plant over 14,000+ trees of this species, which is state tree of Rajasthan.

Harnessing Power

The Royal Rajasthan Foundation aims to build a more equitable ecosystem for women through creating economic opportunities for them and has partnered with Jaipur Rugs Foundation to impart carpet weaving skills training to the women of Rajasthan. RRF is looking to create sustainable livelihoods and promote self-sufficiency amongst women by enabling them with opportunities to become skilled artisans.

Mind, Body and Soul

Access to mental health care continues to be a challenge in India, especially in marginalised communities. The Foundation has partnered with Jan Sahas Foundation to train frontline workers to generate awareness, tackle social and self-stigma around mental health, and to enhance the response and referral mechanism, with a focus on women and girls' mental health care awareness. RRF has also collaborated with the Centre for MicroFinance (CmF) to raise awareness on issues of menstrual health management, including those faced by the LGBTQIA+ community, addressing the social stigma, myths and taboos associated with the biological process, and to provide support in adopting more informed, sustainable and hygienic choices.

The Lioness

The foundation of the pride. The Lionesses are gatherers of food, providers for children and most of all, they work together as a team to ensure the survival and strength of their pride.

You can now shop for the stylish new Rajasthan Royals jersey and wear it with pride.